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IT information technology is a highly dynamic and ever-changing field. As the IT industry develops, the skills required by IT

practitioners need to be iterated. In order to understand these new technologies and their overall competitiveness, it is very

important to continue to receive education on a regular basis.

One of the best ways to get IT certification is to get IT certification, which can provide many benefits in your career,

especially if you are looking for a new position or for promotion.

But how do you know where to start based on all currently available options? We have compiled a complete IT certification

guide and a list of the best IT certifications for 2019 to help you get started. According to CompTIA, the largest supplier-

neutral certification organization, 91% of employers believe that IT certification plays a key role in the recruitment

process. IT certification is a reliable predictor of successful employees. In fact, according to another study, 98% Human

resources professionals use certification to identify candidates’ subject knowledge and expertise, while 97% use them to

distinguish other equally qualified candidates, although obtaining employment is clearly the first step in this process, and

IT certification Great benefits, but there are many other advantages throughout the career, and the IT industry remains

relevant. Continuing education is important in any industry, but it is critical in the technology arena. IT certification

helps professionals maintain professional relevance, increase your professional skills and increase your salary, whether you

are looking for a new position or are looking for a promotion, many people will apply for a job to promote their Development,

usually without the necessary skills when hiring.

Get IT certification through courses and online training modules, and you get the skills you need to achieve your career

goals. This knowledge can be immediately applied to the work and provide immediate advantages, an important point to invest in

yourself, new knowledge and education will never be wasted.
By being certified, it not only shows your employer (current or future) what you have invested in your career, but also proves

that you are a lifelong learner who never wants to stop improving. Obtaining IT certification will only further enhance your

knowledge and may lead you to different directions that you are passionate about. Global knowledge recently released 15 top-

paying IT certifications in 2019 based on its 2019 IT skills and compensation report.
These reveal current ideas and technology trends affecting US IT departments, the most important of which are cloud computing,

project management, network security and networking.

I am frequently asked how I have passed so many certification exams. The short answer is “one at a time.” I don’t mean to

be flip with that answer, but it’s the truth. If I could rephrase the question it would be “How do you pass a certification

exam?” I can give you a much better answer to that one.

Don’t Assume it’s Easy
First, don’t take any exam for granted. Don’t let anyone tell you it’s easy and you don’t need to study. I say this from


I failed the Security+ exam the first time I took it. This was back when it was SY0-101 (the first iteration of this exam) and

it has become progressively more complex and difficult.

My mistake? I believed all the posts I read indicating this exam was easy. After working in IT jobs for so many years and

teaching many security-related topics in advanced courses, I decided to plop down the two hundred or so dollars and take this


There are not many things as disheartening as finishing an exam and seeing the message that you failed. Thankfully, I knew

exactly what I did wrong. I took the exam for granted. I didn’t study. I didn’t make the same mistake again and soon passed

this exam.

Since then I have taught many Security+ classes, wrote and published books on the Security+ exam, and created thousands of

practice test questions, all designed to help people take and pass this exam the first time they take it. You don’t have to

use my resources, but you do need to study for this exam. Don’t take it for granted.

Find a Good Study Guide to Pass a Certification Exam
I have earned almost all of my certifications through self-study. When possible, I get one or more study guides that cover the

exam objectives. Ideally, a single book is enough but in general, it’s always a good idea to get more than one. If you don’t

understand the concepts described by one author, you can get a different perspective from another author and you end up with a

deeper understanding.

Many people have said the CompTIA Security+: Get Certified Get Ahead: SY0

-401 Exam Study Guide Pdf was their single source of study. I’m grateful and humbled to hear this. However, that isn’t

typical. Two or more study guides is common.

I Don’t Have Time To Read The Book
Look at the Objectives to Pass a Certification Exam
The objectives identify what you can expect to be tested on. For example, if you are studying the Security+ certification, you

can check out the objectives for it on CompTIAs web site. Many study

guides, including the CompTIA Security+: Get Certified Get Ahead: SY0-401

Exam Study Guide Pdf include the objectives in the book along with an objective map telling you exactly where that

objective is covered in the book.

When reviewing the objectives, your goal is to identify what is familiar and what is not familiar. A study guide can help you

clarify these objectives and how you might be tested on them.

Research Unclear Topics to Pass a Certification Exam
It’s entirely possible that all of the topics aren’t clear to you. Some quick Internet searches should help you identify the

answers. Additionally, there are many forums where people provide helpful answers to each other. If you post a well thought-

out question to one of these forums, you can get some great responses.

Many times when I’m studying for an exam today, it’s before any study guides have been published. The Internet is a great

resource for meSY0-401 Certificated Exam Dumps.

Use Practice Exams to Pass a Certification Exam
After you’ve studied the concepts related to the objectives, use practice exams to test your readiness. Many study guides

including the CompTIA Security+: Get Certified Get Ahead: SY0-401 Exam

Study Guide Pdf include practice test questions at the end of each chapter. Use these to test your comprehension of the

chapter topics. Some books also have a pre-test before the first chapter and a post-test after the last chapter. Additionally,

there are many other sources for practice test questions such as the Get

Certified Get Ahead Premium site.

When using practice test questions, your goal is not to get them all correct. Instead, your goal is to test your


Ideally, you should be able to look at any question and know why the correct answer is correct and the incorrect answers are

incorrect. This way no matter how the questions are worded on the actual exam, you will be able to answer it correctly.

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