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Yeah, you with the freshly minted computer science degree, Or you, who took a break and are ready to get back on the IT job

market, Or you, who just decided on a tech-based career change,I’m willing to bet you want your resume to stand out, And for

the beginners in the group, I’m sure you’d like to have a way to demonstrate relevant industry knowledge to a prospective

employer,But when you’re just starting out, it seems like even entry-level jobs ask for things like, “five years of

experience,” or, “must have been to Mars”, or some other seemingly impossible qualification,Getting an IT certification is

one way to prove that you have knowledge in your field, even if you’ve never held a job in tech,But the requirements for

getting an IT certification can sometimes feel like those ridiculous entry-level job descriptions, You go to sign up for an

exam or a class when you discover that, to get certified at one level, you need to hold three other certifications already,And

many certifications require a certain number of years of experience in your field before you can sit for an exam,I outlined

some valuable entry-level IT certifications,Like Vendor-neutral certifications.1Z0-062 Practice Test Question Pdf

OS-specific certifications, Computer networking certifications, While there are obviously other areas of certification in IT,

these areas are some of the few where you can receive certification with little to no previous formal experience.
Vendor-neutral certifications: Since you are just starting out, you might not be quite sure of the direction you want your IT

career to go, You might also be worried about pigeonholing yourself,While specialization implies expertise in a specific

subject, beginners are often expected to be generalists, You don’t want to limit your job options too early on in your

Oracle Database Administrator is associated with the relational database management system. Managing these huge volumes of

data in large enterprises requires unique skills. This Oracle DBA Certification blog guides you through for getting certified

in Oracle DBA and helps you master the skills and grab your dream job.
Oracle has grown and advanced immensely as quoted by Libba Bray, ‘I’m a librarian, not an Oracle.’ Have you ever wished for

having a handy map that would lead you to become a professional in Oracle? Well, your wish has been granted and, in this blog,

we will discuss how. Let’s briefly talk about Oracle DB, first.1Z0-061

actual Test Q&As

Oracle Database (DB) is a multi-model database management system, developed by Oracle Corporation. It’s commonly used for

data warehousing and running online transaction processing and database workloads. Now, Oracle DB has advanced services like

Database Cloud service and many more.
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Oracle DB has more than 1.6 million certifications. Reading this might give you head spin, but don’t worry. We will make it

easy for you.1Z0-053 Certificated Exam Dumps

Oracle certifications have two tracks namely DB Administrator and DB Developer. But to start your career, we recommend you to

go with a Database Administrator certification.
Database Administrator:
There are n number of databases and each database requires at least one database administrator (DBA) to administrate it. As we

know, Oracle DB is huge and contains many users. It’s difficult for a single administrator to handle it, and that’s why

there is a group of DBAs who share this responsibility.
What Are the Responsibilities of a Database Administrator?
A database administrator’s responsibilities can include the following:
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Install and upgrade the Oracle Server and application tools
Allocate system storage and plan future storage requirements for the database system
Create primary database storage structures (tablespaces) after the design of an application by the application developer
Create primary objects like tables, views, and indexes, once the design of an application by the application developer is done
Modify the database structure wherever necessary as per the information given by the application developer
Enroll users and maintain system security
Ensure compliance with Oracle license agreement
Control and monitor user access to the database
Monitor and optimize the performance of the database
Plan for backup and recovery of all the database information
Maintain archived data on tape
Backup and restore the database
Contact Oracle Corporation for technical support if required
Tasks of a Database Administrator

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